Listen to this: On Creativity

Attitude, aptitude and avareness are all ingredients in your options in life!

Ken Robins is of the opinion that talent is buried deep inside of us and that the school system pays little or no attention to these talents in the industrialised mindset which reigns us. School should discover all sorts of talent, not only the academically gifted. He compares our system of assessment to a BigMac which follows a standard as opposed to to a Michelin guide which follows excellence in a variety of ways. Education is a personal business which needs no strict curriculum and which should be guided by a different conception of human abilities, distinguished from the industrialised mass production where production date determines your knowledge year by year until you finish college.

Ask yourself: What do you like to do? What are you comfortable with? What are you naturally drawn to?

This should be your guiding star, not necessarily the academic standard. An aesthetic not an anasthetic school experience is required! We make up an organism of living creatures, not a mechanism of rechangeable parts. We are all unique through our experience in life. School must provide these conditions in order for all students to blossom.