Judy M Parr notes on New Zealand schools

  • Schools administer their own funds – board of directors.
  • Broad national curriculum – not narrow, open for interpretation
  • Teaching as inquiry, teachers as reflective practitioners.
  • No testing untii the last 3 years, against targets they have set themselves reading writing maths ( 1-10). National standards – reports every year. How they come to that judgement, is up to the teacher in the core subjects.

Literacy professional development project LPDP

High performance, low equity profile in NZ. Indigenous and Pacifica children score low. Across and within schools: great dicersity of results. Top students do well. Underachievement in writing. Quality teaching is important (Hattie). Teachers thought that the children and the home was the most important. We need ongoing profesional learning. Diversity in schools is getting normal. Kids changes, knowledge base changes = need for development.

LPDP school based and inquiry driven. One size fils all, does not fit me! Expert visiting leaders facilitate knowledge development, a national team working with a small number o schools over two years. Aim to dvelop the school literacy leader. 25 days paid prof learning to be updated. Tools and resources to work with.
Team: THE ministry and external evaluatin +the facilitators, the team leaders ( researchers) the ministry, project school with principles. All levels are represented.
Research questions: researcher lead, but negotiated. Constantly informed by research to know how it goes as you are proressing. Følgeforskning.

Contracted outcomes: show evidence of…. In 2 years
  • Improved student learnig and achevement
  • Improved tacher content knowledge
  • Transfer of literacy ped to practice
  • Lerning communities
  • Effective facilitation

  • Writing .79.62.88 reading .28, .28, 44 interesting difference


Evidence informed inquiry at all levels. Monitoring what you are doing, getting feedback and adjusting your practice.

Ex inquiry teacher level circle (at all levels)
  • What are the students learning needs in terms of the outcomes. Læringsmål-kriterier
  • What knowledge do we need in order to teach this. Kunnskaper
  • What do we need in prof development experiences. Ferdigheter
  • Learning and teaching experiences. Formativ vurdering/tilbakemeldinger
  • Outcomes and reflection. Summativ vurdering +

Coherence: community of practice
  • One project where everything centers on the project and everybody is involved. Shared understanding.
  • Interventions based on school profiles- choice of one skill reading or writing.
  • What do teachers know? Description scenarios they responded to. Used as tools alter. What kind of feedback do they give, can they interpret data? What do students write, what do leaders know.
  • How to use the information you get to provide feedback to teachers? Design something and push back change through the two years. Bernstein: Synlig pedagogikk.

WHAT DID you learn from the feedback, what did you change, what take out. Just a tweek….disturbing results at first. Extended to two years.

Inquiry into Black BOX. Deliberate acts of facilitation to promote acts in classroom. Challenging feedback. Don’t tell people what to do, but to inquire into their practice. Work with you to construct a way forward. Tape practice, based on trust. Include theory. Decide what to focus on. What do you think a good practice looks like? Contracting what it looks like, use evidence to show effect and include the theoretical rationale for it. Tape and transcribe feedback to students. TEknologi kan gi muntoig feedback – cognitive apprenticeship.

Tools: your tools should be a smart tool. EX: How to use rubrics to moderate writing. Literacy learning progression. What do their texts look like? ( online. Ministry website Tekete) TTle Writing console output. Diagnostic tool – Do teachers know how to use data? Yes. Given this profile, what would you do/change? Correlation between ability to do that and studentprogress. Learning analytics.

Feedback: they went to higher order feedback on texts. Identified what should change.
Writing as a social function.