Assessment and Learning-getting quality in both

lecture Professor Gordon Stobart

All countries are working with this. Will this help our students. Assessment for Learning has been misused by politicians. It is not about interaction in the classroom but rather assessing correctly.
Assessment for learning: where the learner is in his learning.
Success Criteria
Learning outcomes

Question the purpose of the test: accountability, helping them to move on?

PISA chock: Norway needs a reform as the result of poor results. Finland has a lot of the things others have got rid of
Low test for children, but high stake for governments. Assessment becomes a political issue. How to use tests+ are the test formative-testing in the beginning of the school year is a good thing. What kind of assessment for learning is this?
Lessons to be learned: keep plans manageable, not too many objectives. methods-telling teachers how to teach, keep it simple. National tests should be simple-manageable and early in the year. Teachers have better evidence of making decisions than national tests. Schools use the tests internally.UK-England only English and Maths are left as national tests. Tests showed that practical science was stopped and the results got worse.
Teachers only look at the marking, they don't learn from the results.

The Goldilocks' Principle
The curriculum - Kompetansemål should be broad, not too detailed. Clarity of purpose, choice and personal autonomy.
Holistic descriptions: Levels don't make sense without exemplars and teachers working together. CEFR is a good description. This is how you get an understanding of standards. It is the only way to get a common understanding. STUDENT EXAMPLES and ASSESSMENT dialogue with students. Reading assessment guidelines.

Seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers. Where is the learner-where do the need to go-how to get there? Assessment Reform Group 2002. A clear curriculum where the progress is reflected in a scientific way.
Dylan Wiliam - cognitive challenge. Unfamiliar words and phrases are important and they should be presented as a problem.

Success criteria: Royce Sadler's paradox: Understanding what is needed. Developing understanding of good performance, develop concepts and vocabulary ( assessment literacy). Work has got to be done in the beginning of the work, not at the end of the work.

Modelling and exemplars. Show students two pieces of work and discuss why one is better than the other. Then you discuss where is your work in this? Peer assessment is when you can give good feedback on higher levels. Feedback must close the gap.

-effectively times, clearly linked to learning intention, learner understands success criteria, focus on the task ( not learner), gives clues as to how to bridge the gap. offers strategies rather than solutions, it challenges, requires action and is achieveable. LET THEM THINK FIRST. Shirly Clark: as teachers we lie to children. I want you to write about the moon- and then you mark it for spelling and grammar. It must be linked to what we want to learn. The learner understand the standard and the success criteria.
There is a world of difference between good boy, good work: Peter Johnson. Written or oral feedback. After feedback students must get some time to get it right. Next time-students must see the connection in new work.
Grades and marks, praise and rewards, unclear, too general. This feedback does not improve learning. It is directed at self-ego level rather than task. If the praise is not just: you're an angel", where do you go from there. Publicly praising the students means beaten up at playtime...praise should be genuine, and used somewhat sparingly. Kids give up quickly in praise cultures.

AFL in practise: Sudoku. Why is this worth dong it? Learning intentions of the game. Modelling it. Give strategies. Look for numbers and blocks across and down. Self regulate and it can be solved. Some will give up, others will try to get it right.

Emotions: The learner kan choose to: modify the standard, abandon the standard / retire hurt, reject the feedback/messenger.